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How to Develop a Story Structure

The literature books such as the novels should have the ability to draw the attention of a reader. As a writer, it is vital to ensure that your book has the smooth flow of events. It is essential to make your creative work captivating by using the various stylistic devices which will spice up your story. It is essential for an author to make efforts to have an effective story structure for your book. The good thing with a perfect story structure is that you will come up with a story which will follow the right order.

As an author, ensure that the dynamics of your story sounds natural to the reader. As an author, there are specific approaches to developing the best story structure. This article herein is significant in providing you the informative tips which will help you create the perfect structure for your story. To start with, put into consideration the character motivation factor as well as the goals of the characters. Make sure that you give the person who is reading the vivid image of the characters in the play. Give a trajectory of growth of the character towards success. As a writer give the reader the character motivation which influences a character response in particular ways.

Secondly, consider the issue of opportunity in your book. So that your story structure can be effective, it is crucial to offer chances for your character to rise. The best story is the one which will not present oppression to a character throughout the book without having opportunities to shine. The chances which a character gets are vital since the reader will have the ability to relate to the success of the character.

As a writer, if you want to develop a perfect story structure, ensure you create anticipation for your reader. Avoid having a story which is too predictable to the readers since this will make it less captivating. Therefore, make sure that you have secrets within your work which will turn to surprises to the reader. It is important to make the person reading your novel know the threat ahead before the character as this will create much amusement.

For your story structure to be effective, make sure that the imaginations be real in the mind of the reader. Creative imaginations are things which many people will look forward to when reading and hence, as a writer there are roles which you play in such. As a writer give a character unique capabilities which enable them to act in special ways. For the extra-ordinary scenario to be captivating, inform the person reading on the weaknesses of the character.

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