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Why Use Dentures for Missing Teeth?

Dentures can replace missing teeth that many people have. Dentures are artificial teeth attach to a plastic or metal plate that fits inside your mouth.

We usually call dentures false teeth. False teeth a made of porcelain or acrylic and is mounted on a gum-like acrylic base. Dentures are natural looking teeth.

One of the benefits of having dentures is that you will have something to replace your missing teeth that looks natural. It may look like natural teeth but it also feels like natural teeth. If you lacked confidence with missing teeth, now you will have more confidence with dentures.

You will have a boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence if you replace you missing teeth with dentures.

Talking with missing teeth is difficult but dentures can help solve that problem.

Chewing will also be easier with properly fit dentures. Your bite becomes better. With dentures, you can eat any kind of food you like and you don’t have to keep on eating soft foods.

With missing teeth, your facial appearance look collapsed and sunken. Dentures help you look younger since your lips and your cheeks will have more shape.

A complete denture or a partial dentures are the kinds of dentures that you can get.

A complete or full denture covers the gums and the palate. If both you upper and lower teeth are missing, then you need full dentures.

Conventional dentures are full dentures that are designed to be worn a month after teeth are extracted and the gum tissue has begun to heal. Immediate dentures are also full dentures but it can be worn straightway but has to be adjusted to fit properly during the healing process.

Overdenture is also a full denture that is placed in the mouth and covers a few remaining teeth or implants.

Another type of denture is the partial denture which we also call bridges and these are placed where teeth are missing. These false teeth are made from metal or plastic or acrylic and are attached to a pink gum-colored base.

One type of partial denture is a removable partial denture or bridge which uses metal clasps to attach to natural teeth. It is easy to remove it and place it back with out any professional help.

A permanent bridge also replaces missing teeth but they are permanently attached to natural teeth roots or dental implants to support it. Since it is permanent it cannot be removed by the patient. Permanent partial dentures are more expensive but also more stable. If you take proper care of it and if it is perfectly fitted, this type of dentures may last up to a decade or longer.

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