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Advantages of Laser Cataract Surgery

Although seeing more clearly is the key goal of cataract surgery, new lasers and elite lenses have made it possible to achieve improved vision as well. Nowadays, people’s vision can be enhanced so they can see not needing any glasses, regardless of the distance involved. And the laser has a made a huge contribution to this development.

Defining Laser Cataract Surgery

A cataract develops when the natural lens of the eye clouds up. In traditional cataract surgery, surgeons make use of a tiny blade to get into the front of the eye, and then use another instrument to make a round incision on the lens capsule before reaching into the cataract. Ultrasound waves are then introduced, causing the cataract to break into tiny fragments, which the doctor extracts manually . Finally, the new artificial lens is attached as a replacement of the cloudy natural lens.

In contrast, laser cataract surgery makes use of a laser to cut into the lens. It can make a more exact, repeatable, and reliable incision than any surgeon can manually.

Below are specific advantages of laser cataract surgery compared to traditional cataract surgery:Here are specific benefits offered by laser cataract surgery when compared to old-fashioned cataract surgery:The following are concrete advantages laser cataract surgery comes with:

Long-Term Results

Once the stabilization period for the eye is completed – about three months – laser results are generally permanent. There is no need for other procedures, except when the surgery was overdone or underdone, and the patient’s corrected eye will be good as fresh.

Quick Results and Recovery

Imagine your flawless vision back in a single day!

Say Goodbye to Contacts

It’s estimated that people pay around 375 to 450 dollars a year on contact lenses. Granted, laser surgery costs way more than that, but remember that you only need to pay for it once. After some time, it will pay for itself by eliminating the need to buy contacts, and you begin to save cash. Not to mention no more solutions, no more hurting your eye each time you have to remove your contacts, and no crawling on the floor as you look for a contact you dropped.

Say Goodbye to Eyeglasses

Your look will undoubtedly change the instant you take your glasses off. Plus you can buy all the styles of shades you want, instead of hoping for special lenses to be available, or buying pricey prescription sunglasses.

Case in point: nothing is better than laser cataract surgery if you want to restore your perfect or near-perfect vision quickly and permanently. But note that not all laser cataract surgeons are created equal. Some research is still necessary if you want quality results from a quality surgeon.

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