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The Following is All You Need to Know About Ginseng.

It is found in climates which are cool mostly in the northern hemisphere and it can also be referred to as Panax Ginseng. The areas that it is mostly found are Korea, China and North America. Organism resistance of harmful factors which could either be physical, chemical or biological is provided by these remedies.

Ginsenosides is the main ingredient found in Ginseng. The leaves and stem of a Ginseng plant contain ginsenosides but the highest concentration is in the roots. In a Ginseng plant’s roots you can find around 29 ginsenosides. Several steroid compounds can also be found in Ginseng which are similar to those found in a human body. The Ginseng from Siberia is different although it is from the same family.

A powerful detoxifier which is found in products which are organic has recently been found in Ginseng plants and it is a component known as germanium. Germanium cleanses the blood powerfully.

Immediately after taking ginseng it is advisable to do exercises as this will expel prana which is already used up and it facilitates the intake of fresh pranic energy.

The original name of the Ginseng plant in Chinese is ‘ Ren Shen’ while in Korean is ‘In Sam’ because it looks exactly like a human being.

Several years pass before the Ginseng plant matures and most roots are harvested when they are between 3 and 10 years. If cultivated Ginseng is not harvested for a long time it degenerates but it is not the case with wild ones as they can grow for many years without degeneration.

A Ginseng is considered to be mature and used for medicinal purposes if it has grown for at least 6 years. Those that are harvested before six years do not have the ingredients of healing and cannot therefore be used.

White/ off is the colour of Ginseng when harvested. The drying process will determine the colour of the final product. The colour the red Ginseng has was gotten by it being dried in the sun in the past. It is steamed during processing nowadays but it has the same colour. The healing energy is amplified when it is steamed and that is why it is unique. Asians only used the red Ginseng in the past for healing purposes.

Red Ginseng is considered to have more medicinal value than the white Ginseng.

The vitality of the body is replenished and someone looks younger as it is highly effective and this is why it is the best tea ever.

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